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New infrastructure is stabilizing, and work on ExtreMon has resumed. Immediate focus is on installability, porting the Display from Java WebStart to 100% JavaScript, rewriting one or 2 core components in C or C++ for max performance (smaller hardware, less power usage..), hardware sensors integration and appliance display hardware (Raspberry Pi, probably).

Monitoring Ninja

Rebooting ExtreMon

After all the initial excitement a few years back, and despite seeing active duty, I have to admit that ExtreMon wasnt evolving as it should have these past few years. Suffice it to say I didn't have the time to work on it, despite the many requests. GitHub says "m4rienf authored 10 months ago" ...which is really sad. So, it being spring, I decided to do something about it. I'm arranging my replacement in other projects in order to focus on ExtreMon, to bring IT monitoring into the 21st Century, and a few other, smaller but related real-time projects, mostly from my Wetteren, Belgium office. Immediate focus is on installability, converting the Display from Java WebStart to 100% JavaScript, rewriting one or 2 core components in C or C++ for max performance (smaller hardware, less power usage..), and hardware sensors integration (airco, UPS, heating systems). I'm therefore looking for IT-driven organisations that have a need for schematic, live, internet-wide monitoring, power plant / chemical factory / NORAD style, and are willing to engage in an ideally Agile type process with my company to achieve this. The idea is that ExtreMon is FOSS, and that you will not be paying for the software, only for my time in getting you set up, optionally in managing your monitoring infrastructure, or hosting it, and any custom development that you would need (custom means you need something that no other ExtreMon user would be able to use). If you would be interested or know of organisations that might be, I would very much like to hear about it. There are a few pilot sites, but I would need several more to make this viable (and to avoid it becoming too focused on a particular organisations Modus Operandi). All sorts of cooperation modes are possible. I need the Field Exposure and, Frankly, you probably need the Situation Awareness!

Monitoring Ninja

ExtreMon Unveiled

Ah, Monitoring It certainly means different things to different people: As sysadmins, we want to know our systems are ok, to the slightest detail, and if not, what is wrong. Preferably before, or at least while it happens. As (enlightened) developers we want to be able to follow our applications behaviours in production. As service managers we want to know if were delivering the service as agreed. Whats up, down, for how long, how slow, whos to blame. As managers we might want to know the bottom line, of how many downloads, sales, a pretty Widget. You can probably think of a few more. And you're probably not happy with that you have (or you wouldnt have monitoringsux), which is most likely different systems runing besides each other, with different paradigms, platform-dependent APIs (if any), Different Web GUI with lineair lists and state colors, that you force to refresh ever few minutes, and even then look at old information, and that have credentials to authenticate to the systems they monitor, making them dangerous points of failure in terms of security. Depending on what you're trying to monitor, you may be OK with all of these. But if you're like us, youll end up in a multi-everything (platform, application, networks, silos, sites, policies) environment with no end of interdependencies, where at least some applications are interactive and time-critical, and the sysadmins and developers are collegues, horizontal team members, or all the same people. This is the type of environment that were growing Extremon for. Taking 3 important headlines from the Extreme Monitoring Manifesto:

  • Live, with Subsecond temporal resolution
  • Hot-pluggable components
  • Display on a meaningful representation, and in real-time.
.. We Go for it.